What we do

Our Services

Enigma look after business and organisational transformational change needs and the change needs of the communities they serve. Change can be complex, an enigma within itself and increase the stress levels of individuals and leaders.

Enigma change solutions raise awareness, support culture change, find new ways of working and providing services, ensuring change is authentically, communicated, designed, and delivered. We believe in empowering healthier mindsets and promoting good mental health, well-being, and true resilience of individuals at a personal and professional level, within teams and communities.


Under the umbrella of our consultancy services, Enigma provides several delivery solutions and support packages.

Evaluation and Research Support

Enigma provides independent evaluation support for formal evaluation processes to support strategic decision-making.


Enigma Business Diagnostic Services can offer additional support to you and your business to understand the root cause of issues.

Training and Development

Our training programmes are bespoke and designed to support business and individual needs.


Enigma provides Coaching solutions focusing on personal growth and development, improving performance, and coaching through change.