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We support Complex Transformation to improve outcomes, experience of care and services. We believe that the Integrated Health Care Systems, Organisations, and the people, communities and individuals they serve have more to offer.

We are passionate about working in collaboration,

We make your needs our priority

We believe in Transformational Change that counts
and Transformational Conversations That Matter.

Enigma is an authentic healthcare-facing company, that works with businesses of all shapes, sizes, and individuals. 

Our business model is flexible, together, Enigma Consultancy Coaching Services Limited and our Community arm Enigma Empowerment for Wellbeing and Growth CIC, offer a different approach to change.

Enigma provides service provision in the form of consultancy, specialist change management services, business consultancy, coaching, diagnostics, and training.

Enigma can help you drive and deliver on your transformation plans. We are passionate about supporting transformational change in many ways. From the management to delivery of change projects and programmes, to upskilling teams, knowledge transference, business, and service development, improving customer care, developing future aspiring leaders, to empowering and engaging communities.   

What we do

Catering For Your Diverse Needs, Providing Bespoke Solutions,
Addressing Transformation Challenges At Various Levels

Enigma offers a range of unique change solutions to address diverse transformational needs
at business, personal, professional, system and societal levels.


Our coaching provision focuses on personal and professional change, performance and growth.

Training and Development

Our training programmes and developmental workshops are tailored to organisations and teams.


Under the umbrella of our consultancy services, you will find several delivery solutions and support packages.


Our business diagnostic services are complimentary and offer additional support to you, your business and your team to understand underlying root causes of issues.

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Our Testimonials

What our clients say

Home Oxygen National Procurement Programme
“Samina Arshad from Enigma demonstrated excellent communication and people skills and worked effectively to deliver the support. She managed challenging issues with political sensitivity. She demonstrated that she is able to work on the detail whilst keeping an overall eye on the national picture as appropriate. I have found her a pleasure to work with.”
Barbara Dingly, Director of Operations
Frailty Project Shropshire
“Samina Arshad from Enigma provided a very detailed report with an effective summary and a wonderful map that beautifully illustrated the current state. That map is in use all the time.”
Frailty Clinical Lead, Shropshire CCG
Leadership Support to West Hampshire
“Samina has a very strong work ethic and is a values-based person with a great sense of passion and drive. She has been a great asset - supporting the delivery of the organisation and directorate key objectives.
She understands the differential needs of stakeholders – internal and external. Samina is a system leader, engaging, supporting, kind and considerate with teams and works well with others. Samina is a strategic thinker and considerate leader and manager.”
Director of Commissioning
West Hampshire CCG
Home Oxygen National Procurement Programme
“Samina brought her wealth of specialist knowledge and expertise to ensure the programme was successfully delivered effectively and efficiently. Samina was especially supportive in helping me to identify my strengths with the development of my SWOT analysis, which helped me to secure a more senior position within the organisation.”
Tiffany Robb, Project Manager
Primary Care Projects Wolverhampton
“Samina picked up a number of primary care related projects and grasped the requirements within a very short timeframe and worked collaboratively across the CCG to develop and roll out the projects. Samina required very minimal input or supervision and settled into the team well.”
Sharon Sidhu, Head of Strategy & Transformation
Wolverhampton CCG
Leadership Support to Bedfordshire
“Samina has a broad knowledge and was able to bring her knowledge into the role and influence strategic approach. Samina is reflective, she observes and supports, which enabled the team members to grow into their roles and aligned with the emerging culture of the CCG. I like her enabling leadership style.
I welcomed her commitment, she demonstrated tenacious qualities, particularly in delivering the Commissioning Intentions. She quickly got to grips with supporting the team and building on their systems and processes.”
Director of Commissioning
Bedfordshire CCG

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