Engagement Services

Co-creating and co-producing local solutions to local health and social care issues, in collaboration with commissioners, system partners and communities they serve.

Experience informs us that engagement and consultation can be a challenging area. You can expect to face many barriers and at times may take longer than expected to complete. A barrier being that engagement can sometimes be perceived as a ‘tick-box’ exercise, creating a lack of trust and confidence.

Engagement is an integral part of any change initiative and requires thought and planning for effectiveness to ensure meaningful engagement.

For organisations this can be a challenge due to time constraints, capacity, and limited resources.

Enigma’s independent expert facilitation services come packed with interactive solutions to invigorate conversations and are flexibly aligned to realistic time periods.

Our delivery solutions are bespoke and designed around your engagement needs for effectiveness.

At Enigma we recognise engagement happens at various levels and is not always a smooth ride! We bring our expertise and over 17 years of engagement experience at various levels to you. We offer different engagement solutions.

Engagement Services Include:

1. Stakeholder Engagement

Whether you are looking to commission an independent expert or require a critical friend to deliver facilitation workshops for your change project, require a facilitator as part of your research initiative or are in the process of forward planning and are revisiting your commissioning intentions. Enigma engagement solutions can lend a hand to stimulate better stakeholder ‘buy-in,’ have the extraordinary ‘courageous’ conversations you would not usually have, to facilitate evidence-based commissioning priorities and inspire innovation, productivity, and growth.

2. Community, Citizen, and Public Engagement

Unless we get better at hearing and listening to the views of our local citizens, service users and patients, delivering efficient and person-centred holistic care will be a challenge. This will be a struggle for many integrated health and social care systems, also detrimental to the delivery of the current necessary health and social care reforms.

If you require support to engage the views of citizens, the communities you serve, and target communities that are rarely heard (seldom groups) to shape your approach and local action plans, or to inform regional and national policy, improve services, customer experience and redesign services. Then Enigma engagement services can support you to stimulate active citizen engagement to hear and listen to the views of the local people and populations you serve.

We are passionate about engaging the unengaged, we believe in reaching into communities and engaging the widest possible audiences, to ensure they are fully represented and can participate.

We support you to shape strategy, services, communities and provide your people, the population you serve with a platform for engagement and a Voice!

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