Enigma Empowerment for Wellbeing and Growth CIC

Helping To Empower Wellbeing and Growth Through Personal, Professional Development and Growth, Transformative Education and Change.

This Means Empowering Communities And Groups of Professionals To Deliver Their Purpose And Build Better Balanced Lives with the vision of Creating A Better Society.

Our social business model, the community arm, Enigma Empowerment for Wellbeing and Growth CIC is passionate about addressing social issues that impact our mental and social well-being, welfare, and safety. We believe in doing this through preventing mental and physical ill health, helping people to build their human potential and empowering communities and communities of professionals to connect with their purpose, addressing both social and societal issues hand in hand, to better facilitate personal and professional changes and stresses in their lives to enhance their true resilience.

We believe in supporting people and unlocking healthier mindsets, so they thrive and flourish in their worlds. The enablers for good public mental and physical health, well-being, resilience, and holistic success in all aspects of individual life and family. This means building and transforming people and communities to proposer and grow and work towards a better quality of balanced life and create a better societal culture.

Our approach focuses on building the right foundations for good public mental and physical health, well-being, and growth.

We recognise uncertainty because change can feel daunting, creating overthinking and being stressful, making our worlds feel complex. Many people struggle to adapt to new changes and new ways of working. The pandemic highlighted and amplified many health, social and economic inequalities, accelerating change so unexpectedly, leading to issues of accessing services, changes to the way people are working, living, managing a long-term health condition, engaging with communities, doing business in modern society, and how are services delivered now and in the future.
We recognise a change in one aspect of our lives has a knock-on effect, impacts on other parts of our lives.

Our approach is simple – we focus on your purpose and success; we believe in helping people to help themselves.

Enigma change solutions go ‘hand in hand,’ which leads to success for the: