Enigma is an approved provider of An Even Better Place to Work (BP2W), a proven on-line, self-managed tool for growing leadership, developing teams and improving the quality of work life for everyone. BP2W is a low maintenance solution that does not add to the work-load of managers

Why is this important?

By being able to identify, measure and meet people’s needs, you allow a space to create an ethos that empowers individuals to own their own issues, challenges and performances. This cultivates a happier and more engaged workforce, consequently increasing the levels of morale, commitment and productivity.

An Even Better Place To Work is transformational than just informational.

It creates openness, trust and collaboration rather than just talking about it.
Consider it to be the Anti-Virus software for your team. Concerns are dealt with without interfering with performance, thus ensuring productivity levels remain high

How does it work?

An Even Better Place To Work engages people with a series of activities, measures and resources that aid in creating a well-led, engaged and productive workforce. The basis of the programme is to engage and allow people to take ownership of their own scores, run activities, invite constructive feedbacks and conversation with their colleagues about real work and relationship issues. The question constantly asked is “what am I going to do?” rather than “what is management going to do?”

It measures the seven key indicators of people who are engaged and well led. The abundant data collected through the indicators allow managers to assess the ‘health’ of the organisation and make relevant interventions to meet real needs.

The seven Indicators are:

  • Feeling valued: they feel appreciated and appropriately rewarded.
  • Are Open: they are receptive of new ideas and able to communicate both ways about difficult and sensitive issues.
  • Engage in Feedback: they are able to understand the importance of regular constructive feedback to enhance their performances.
  • Are Motivated: Their positive outlook about the job and colleagues permit them to have a drive to achieve and support each other.
  • Managing Difference: Creating a collaborating relationships with colleagues, ensuring differences are not perceived as hindrance but a source of strength.
  • Take Ownership: They take ownership to having their needs met and view leadership as a form of partnership. Therefore taking joint responsibility with their leader for being led.
  • Conflict Free: They engage with proactive feedback, hence dysfunctional conflicts are minimised.

How does it work?

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