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Change Management Consultancy

Home Oxygen National Procurement Programme
“Samina Arshad from Enigma has undertaken work as a contractor for PCC since September 2018 where she worked to support us to provide support as a project manager to NHS England’s home oxygen program. She demonstrated excellent communication and people skills and worked effectively to deliver the support. She managed challenging issues with political sensitivity. She demonstrated that she is able to work on the detail whilst keeping an overall eye on the national picture as appropriate. I have found her a pleasure to work with. I see no reason why Samina would not be an asset to your organisation.”
Barbara Dingly, Director of Operations
Frailty Project Shropshire
“Samina Arshad from Enigma supported the Frailty Project with the aim to map the current state of frailty in Shropshire. She provided a very detailed report with an effective summary and a wonderful map that beautifully illustrated the current state. That map is in use all the time. Very successful, expect to say that she got to grips with the current situation and understood where each party fed into scenario. Very well, it paved the way for us to progress forward.”
Frailty Clinical Lead, Shropshire CCG
Leadership Support to West Hampshire
“Enigma provided interim support in the capacity of Associate Director of Commissioning to West Hampshire CCG. Samina has a very strong work ethic and is a values-based person with a great sense of passion and drive. She has been a great asset - supporting the delivery of the organisation and directorate key objectives.
She understands the differential needs of stakeholders – internal and external. Samina is a system leader, engaging, supporting, kind and considerate with teams and works well with others. Samina is a strategic thinker and considerate leader and manager.”
Director of Commissioning
West Hampshire CCG
What value did Enigma add to the team?
“Samina is a great team player and has supported the team in achieving its objectives through utilising skill mix of the individuals in the team.”
“Samina has built a trustworthy relationship with the team members and stakeholders across the local health and care system. You have had a positive impact whilst being with the CCG. The experience which you bring has helped lift people’s perspective and understanding of the models which we are trying to commission. You have given hands on strategic support to the teams and to individuals where in the past it may have been lacking. For me personally you have supported in being able to articulate the extended primary care team model and I feel much clearer in how to develop the specification.”
“You highlighted how we can continue to improve how we work to collaborate and bring together various pieces of work which have CCG wide impact.”
“Direction has been your greatest gift to the team and individuals. You know people have been challenging and not always had your clarity of vision, but you have always attempted to bring people with you rather than leave them behind. This has led to issues, but to build a team one needs to give the team permission to grow. You do that for everyone. You are kind, caring and a good teacher.”
“Samina, added value to the team and directorate in many ways, her positivity and can-do attitude, standing back and taking a population-based approach that uses full commissioning competencies, mapping products (e.g. care homes, out patients, Blueprint/direction of travel products e.g. outpatient spec, management of team, team building. It’s been a pleasure to work with you.
My feedback…many strengths:
o Rapid assimilation of key themes, local politics and people and your ability to share this was a great help to me.
o Determination and focus to achieve your primary tasks, whilst accommodating needs of colleagues and the team.
o Awareness of team dynamics and individual developmental needs and willingness to support others appropriately.
o Added governance, structure and focus to the directorate agenda. Ability to clarify and prioritise the ‘long list’.”
Home Oxygen National Procurement Programme
What value did Enigma add to the team?
“It was a pleasure working with Samina on the HOS programme, she brought her wealth of specialist knowledge and expertise to ensure the programme was successfully delivered effectively and efficiently. Samina was especially supportive in helping me to identify my strengths with the development of my SWOT analysis, which helped me to secure a more senior position within the organisation.”
Tiffany Robb, Project Manager
Primary Care Projects Wolverhampton
“Samina picked up a number of primary care related projects and grasped the requirements within a very short timeframe and worked collaboratively across the CCG to develop and roll out the projects. Samina required very minimal input or supervision and settled into the team well.
Projects encompass implementation of the primary care strategy, developing new models of care, looking at how back-office functions could be shared and governance arrangements.
Key deliverables included:
o Development of Clinical Reference Group
o GP Residential Care Homes Project
o GP Peer Review
o Developing business cases for new models of care
o Review of GP basket services and minor injuries services
o Setting up primary care strategy implementation task and finish groups & terms of reference.
Samina developed business cases, undertaken financial modelling, equality impact assessments, developed terms of reference and supported GP locality meetings.
Samina has delivered projects and task to key deadlines and has been instrumental in rolling out a number of projects which the CCG has been struggling to get off the ground. Samina work’s collaboratively across the organisation.”
Sharon Sidhu, Head of Strategy & Transformation
Wolverhampton CCG
Leadership Support to Bedfordshire
“Enigma provided interim support in the capacity of Assistant Director of Commissioning to Bedfordshire CCG. To manage the planned Care and MH team and to deliver associated projects related to QIPP and service development.
Samina has a broad knowledge and was able to bring her knowledge into the role and influence strategic approach. Samina is reflective, she observes and supports, which enabled the team members to grow into their roles and aligned with the emerging culture of the CCG. I like her enabling leadership style.
I welcomed her commitment, she demonstrated tenacious qualities, particularly in delivering the Commissioning Intentions. She quickly got to grips with supporting the team and building on their systems and processes.”
Director of Commissioning
Bedfordshire CCG
What value did Enigma add to the team?
“Samina has integrated into the team from the beginning and through her experience and sound knowledge of NHS and challenges it is facing, Samina was able to lead on programmes and projects and deliver the required results.”
“Thank you for your support and enthusiasm we needed someone like you in our Team. I really enjoyed working with you. The time was very short, but I have learnt lots from you. Thank you for shaping the Cellulitis paper for me and also the support on the Nursing Home in Reach bid we have successfully won. Thank you for exposing me to stuff I have never been before. I am really going to miss that if you had stayed, I am sure I would have progressed further as you know how to push me to do things, in a nice way of course. I have realised I can actually do more than I thought I was capable of all I needed was exposure. I am very ambitious unfortunately I had started a new career due to migration, but I am sure I still have plenty of time to develop this career.”
“Samina bought lots of good ideas based on previous experience and models developed in other areas, very committed to get things done and put in a lot of effort, proactive and got people focussed. Getting the locality plan into a ‘plan’ and governance structure etc was an achievement.”

Business Consultancy:

Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion
“A big thank you to Samina for all her work to shape and identify a toolkit with actions and recommendations for consideration/develop further as the national landscape changes. Samina’s work will shape our discussions going forward and lay the foundation of how we take this EDI plan forward.”
Workforce Programme Lead
Office of the Chief Scientific Officer, NHS England and NHS Improvement
Bid Writing
“Samina from Enigma provided us with support in accessing the NHS transformation fund. Her guidance was imperative, and her interpersonal skills were fantastic. She is extremely competent and thanks to her vital support, we were successful in our bid. Service provision at our GP practice has improved thanks to the hard work put in by Samina. I would highly recommend service and would not hesitate to use Enigma again in the future.”
General Practice, West Midlands
Advisory Role
“Enigma has provided expert advice in a commissioning advisory role for Cogora.
Our input included:
o Round Table Discussion on a new Diabetes Innovation - Enigma was invited to participate in a new Diabetes Innovation Roundtable discussion in Birmingham, alongside other healthcare and industry experts including patient representatives.
o Round Table Discussion on Nutrition in the first 1000 days - Enigma was invited to participate in the Nutrition in the first 1000 days Roundtable discussion in Manchester, alongside other healthcare, and industry experts.”
Developmental support to Charities and Voluntary Sector
“Enigma was commissioned to provide a provision of support to third sector organisations in the form of consultancy, coaching and development mentoring to support a project management framework for the successful implementation of strategic plan.
Samina/Enigma introduced me and executive team to a range of developmental approaches to looking at issues in a different way, these approaches together with her energy has allowed me and the team to view situations differently and seek better solutions.
In particular, myself view situations in the more rounded way as a result of her support and influence.”
John, Director of Resources
YMCA, Stoke-on-Trent
Community Engagement
“Our ladies found the food and nutrition workshop extremely helpful and the fact that they engaged in the conversation was brilliant. We would be happy to join in other workshops which can be interesting and helpful for our group, thanking you”
Bina Shah
Seldom Heard Voices, Stich, and Sew Group
Community Engagement
“Samina is a pleasure to work with. She recently delivered a research project at our facility and in that she was very informative and knowledgeable. Both staff and participants that took part in the project spoke very highly of her. It was a delight working with Samina and I look forward to utilising her expertise in future”
Karzan Kawani
Seldom Heard Voices, Operations Manager, Refugee and Recruitment Centre

Coaching Executives/Senior Leadership:

“I enjoy the way Samina questions and challenges, I like her energy as it opened new areas of thought for me. It’s nice.”
Head of Finance
“I am very grateful for the coaching process. The process was helpful to me - as a start-up business - to stand back and check all my planning process. The coaching provided me opportunity to be dispassionate and headspace to interrogate my plans and project structure.
My Coach, Samina has been very helpful in helping me to define my goals, design a plan to achieve my goals as well as review achievement. Samina was very helpful in guiding my thinking about what my key intention was -being very clear about what the precise matter was from a range of opinions that I may have had at the start.
Samina introduced me to a Planning tool that has proven to be the making of a robust programme launch for me. Samina was very helpful in my reflection once my goals were achieved. I am happy to recommend her coaching practice”
Programme Director, ICoN Programme
Change2Choose Be Well CiC
“I found the coaching sessions with Samina helped me a lot and made me more confident in my decision making. The coaching enabled me to come out with answers that were already buried within me.
The questions asked really got me thinking and enabled me to come up with solutions to things that were bugging me. I had the answers deep down, but the coaching helped unravel these and achieve the outcome. I have become much more positive and have a positive outlook on difficult situations making transition easier and embracing open mindness”
Senior Leader
“Coaching provided me with the time to sit and reflect on the issues raised and an opportunity to think through the issues from a different perspective. Having resolved some of the root causes of unhelpful thinking styles which are down to deep values and belief systems. Being challenged and coming up with solutions. Some of the exercises were very insightful helpful.
Samina has been very caring, understanding of my issues and patiently listening to my story and very empathic in her approach. Samina questioning style helped me come to my own conclusions and find a way forward to address my concerns and meet my goals. I would highly recommend Samina to others”
Senior Manager
“The benefits of coaching I experienced, working with Samina:
o Improved my motivation and commitment to apply for a senior management role, that I have studied so hard for, to attain a Post Graduate Diploma.
o Enabled myself to learn and widen my experience and enhance my knowledge and skills.
o Developed a positive attitude for change and improved my confidence, in dealing with challenges.
o Greater self-awareness and the skills to interact with people.
o A hunger for new skills.
I believe the coaching was a positive tool to enhance my quality of performance within Health & Social Care”
Senior Manager
Health and Social Care
“Samina helped identify areas that warranted improvement and assisted in the identification of obstacles to change. Her knowledge of the NHS, and mental health services in particular, ensured that she could understand the issues i have been grappling with as a Clinical Director. She was able to show me the tools to continue on the path to greater success professionally and personally. As a result of her support, I was able to navigate the transition to the clinical director role”
Clinical Director
Mental Health Foundation Trust

Business/Life Coaching:

“Coaching helped me identify issues that have stood in my way and assisted me in developing skills to get around the issues. Helped me with a clear direction and the motivation to get there. I have received the support and thought process to get to where I want to be. As a result, I have been successful in achieving my goal, obtaining a promotion and my next role.”
Career Coaching Client
“Samina is an incredibly talented, natural coach. Her values-centred guidance challenged me to think beyond just “the job search” as I transition from stay-at-home mum to the world of work. The sessions have helped me focus more on finding opportunities and resources in front of me that would capitalize on my passions and strengths that will serve my career. The strategies and lessons she has provided have inspired and motivated me to not limit my choices or decisions. She has encouraged me to view things from a growth mindset that has change my outlook. I would recommend her to anyone looking for an intuitive, sincere, and deeply passionate coach.”
Personal Development Client
“My experience through the nine sessions of coaching which I had with Samina Arshad was excellent as she helped me to discover the ways of overcoming my problems and achieving my goals. I feel more confident and stronger as well as self-aware to deal with difficult situations. I now know how to find the means to solve any problems I have, and how to come closer to accomplishing my short and long-term tasks and goals both in personal and professional level. Through the sessions, I became more optimistic and certain about myself and capabilities. I learned not to give up but to find the right steps for moving ahead. The DISC assessment was really useful, and I was able to discover aspects about myself that I did not realise before. Also, I was able to learn specific ways to develop myself in order to deal more efficiently my difficulties and problems. Through the sessions, I was equipped with tools to handle my everyday difficulties and worries but also to achieve my goals. These tools enhanced my confidence as I now know ways to deal with difficult situations. The last session was particularly useful for me and an opportunity to realise the progress I have done. Specifically, I realise the struggles I had since the beginning of the sessions and my new approach towards these struggles. Also, and most importantly I realise the steps I have done towards my goals and the positive outcomes of coaching in my life. The coaching sessions were a journey of self-awareness and development that I will always be grateful for.”
Personal/Professional Development Client
“Samina helped me to focus on the practicalities of my business, as often you are so busy dreaming the big picture you can become unstuck with the small, simple details, which will affect the running of your everyday. Through her attentive listening she asked pertinent questions that allowed me to explore solutions to running and setting up my business.”
Small Business Entrepreneur
“Coaching with Samina, has been highly informative. Throughout the entirety of the sessions, I have found myself becoming more confident, as well as being more inquisitive in finding the right approach that works best for me. I have understood the necessary steps that I must take to build a successful and lasting business. The sessions have particularly been helpful in allowing me to express any worries or fears I might have that were interfering with or preventing me from taking any further action. My coach showed continuous support and was highly attentive to ensure I achieved the most from the sessions. She also had displayed a plethora of knowledge in different business areas, such as promoting a business, which was very assuring. Each session had helped me to not only set future goals for myself but allowed me to also envision those goals becoming a reality.”
Small Business Client
“Working with Samina has allowed me to refocus on my business and personnel life and think about what is important to me in these areas. This has opened a different type of thinking with the end goal always now firmly in my mind. The vision board is a great way of reminding oneself of the importance of getting the work /life balance right together with thinking about my values that are important to me. Samina has been an excellent coach throughout the process with a very professional attitude, I have always felt I was in good hands. Samina has really allowed me to develop my thinking through her questions and guidance and with every session being different this has also made the coaching very interesting and engaging. I would highly recommend Samina moving forward.”
Small Business Client
“Coaching has enabled me to build my self-confidence and maximise my 'leadership presence'. I have been able to further develop excellent 'emotional intelligence' - self-awareness, self-management, empathy and relationship-building. I have improved my interpersonal skills - including influencing, motivating, presenting, resolving conflict and delivering bad news. I am continuing to hone my networking and business development skills. I am better able to manage complex relationships - including managing upwards. I can delegate more effectively, manage my workload and handle stress, whilst trying to ensure a better work/life balance. Coaching has also helped me to refocus my career.”
Leadership Development Client