People can come to coaching for many different reasons. Coaching is about change and making changes happen at various points in our personal and professional life journey.

Enigma offers professional coaching provision and solutions to suit your professional and personal growth needs.

Coaching with Enigma

Change is a transformational journey; our experienced coaches can give you a helping hand-let’s take the steps together!

Create your success and achieve your purpose with Enigma.

Our Coaching solutions focus on personal and professional change, high performance, growth, and development at a professional, business, organisational and personal level to help individuals achieve their career, work, life and business aspirations and goals.

From Corporate and Executive Coaching, through to Business and Personal Performance/Life Coaching. Our coaches are professionally trained and accredited through The Coaching Academy, Europe’s largest coach training provider or similar accredited providers. NLP techniques and DISC personality profiling are integrated within the coaching packages, to provide an integrated approach to our coaching clients for their holistic success.

What is Enigma Approach to coaching?

Coaching is a partnership in which the coach helps the client to achieve their personal best through a series of one-to-one structured conversations aimed at releasing potential and to improve performance’, through a non-directive approach. This way the client achieves the results they want in their personal and professional lives.

Our approach is to support our clients through their transformation and empower them to take control of their situation, to raise awareness of their choices and support them to find a way in their thinking to move forward. This approach has equipped our clients with tools, knowledge, and opportunities they need to fully develop themselves. This will enable them to be more effective in their commitment to the company they work for; achieve their personal goals in their professional work as well as their personal life, so they may achieve a healthy life balance in all aspects of their lives. 

Enigma offers several coaching solutions delivered as a coaching programme.

What do the coaching programmes entail?

They are designed to:

Coaching sessions are delivered in person (face to face), by phone or on Skype.

Our Coaching Awards and Accreditations

Benefits of Coaching

There are infinite benefits from working with a professional coach, and through embedding a true coaching culture into the way organisations manage their business and their people. The potential of people can be released through inspiring a culture that recognises, accepts, and celebrates individual development and growth in the rapidly changing environment. Only then can organisations achieve the potential of their customers, stakeholders, and the communities they serve by releasing the untapped potential of their people.

Enigma specialises in Professional Development and Growth to maximise Performance, Business, Corporate and Life/Personal Coaching. Enigma has provided coaching services to private and international coaching clients who have testified the impact of the coaching and the value coaching has added for them on a personal, professional, and business level.

Group Workshop

Enigma Coaching was asked to attend the Finance forum and deliver a session on the ‘Value of coaching’.

After the workshop participants provided us with feedback on the added value of the session, this was:

Thought about a few different things


Think about one area first

Smaller steps achievable

Creating space

Outcomes excellent ingredients

Stop making excuses


Not bouncing between 150 things

Can focus

Time and space

Prompts and questions


Opportunity to take stock

Problem area not as daunting as I thought

Take time

Break it down

Think about previous roles and how it worked

Can do it

Implementation realised

When would you be ready

Got me thinking!


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Our Testimonials

What Our Client’s Say

Coaching Executives/Senior Leadership

“I enjoy the way Samina questions and challenges, I like her energy as it opened new areas of thought for me. It’s nice.”
Head of Finance
“My Coach, Samina has been very helpful in helping me to define my goals, design a plan to achieve my goals as well as review achievement. Samina was very helpful in guiding my thinking about what my key intention was -being very clear about what the precise matter was from a range of opinions that I may have had at the start.”
“Coaching provided me with the time to sit and reflect on the issues raised and an opportunity to think through the issues from a different perspective. Having resolved some of the root causes of unhelpful thinking styles which are down to deep values and belief systems. Being challenged and coming up with solutions. Some of the exercises were very insightful helpful.
Samina has been very caring, understanding of my issues and patiently listening to my story and very empathic in her approach. Samina questioning style helped me come to my own conclusions and find a way forward to address my concerns and meet my goals. I would highly recommend Samina to others.”
Senior Manager
“I found the coaching sessions with Samina helped me a lot and made me more confident in my decision making. The coaching enabled me to come out with answers that were already buried within me.
The questions asked really got me thinking and enabled me to come up with solutions to things that were bugging me. I had the answers deep down, but the coaching helped unravel these and achieve the outcome. I have become much more positive and have a positive outlook on difficult situations making transition easier and embracing open mindness.”
Senior Leader
“I am very grateful for the coaching process. The process was helpful to me - as a start-up business - to stand back and check all my planning process. The coaching provided me opportunity to be dispassionate and headspace to interrogate my plans and project structure.”
“Samina introduced me to a Planning tool that has proven to be the making of a robust programme launch for me. Samina was very helpful in my reflection once my goals were achieved. I am happy to recommend her coaching practice.”
Programme Director, ICoN Programme
Change2Choose Be Well CiC
“The benefits of coaching I experienced, working with Samina:
o Improved my motivation and commitment to apply for a senior management role, that I have studied so hard for, to attain a Post Graduate Diploma.
o Enabled myself to learn and widen my experience and enhance my knowledge and skills.
o Developed a positive attitude for change and improved my confidence, in dealing with challenges.
o Greater self-awareness and the skills to interact with people.
o A hunger for new skills.
I believe the coaching was a positive tool to enhance my quality of performance within Health & Social Care.”
Senior Manager
Health and Social Care
“Samina helped identify areas that warranted improvement and assisted in the identification of obstacles to change. Her knowledge of the NHS, and mental health services in particular, ensured that she could understand the issues i have been grappling with as a Clinical Director. She was able to show me the tools to continue on the path to greater success professionally and personally. As a result of her support, I was able to navigate the transition to the clinical director role.”
Clinical Director
Mental Health Foundation Trust