Developmental and Transformational Workshops

We all recognise the greatest asset businesses contain are its people, as a result businesses are only as good as the people within them. To run an effective business, working harder and longer is no longer enough to have the desired impact.

Teams require several skills from traditional to technical skills and key soft skills to succeed in today’s ever-changing climate, the coronavirus pandemic is a great example of this change.

At Enigma, we believe in taking a people focussed approach to learning and development to release the potential of your business and people.

Our Transformational Events and Development Workshops are aimed at your Individual and Team Development level, focusing on harmonising Well-being, Positive Psychology, Resilience and Confidence.

Examples of workshops include, but not limited to:

We take a development approach

Enigma’s development programmes are delivered using a flexible approach, catered to suit your needs, either “in-house” or on a “1.1” basis. Enigma will gladly come to you to deliver development workshops at your own premises and on a date to suit you. We are also currently working towards creating a programme that we can deliver online for your convenience and comfort. We also offer bite size training sessions to support business needs.

Enigma can also design bespoke development workshops tailored to suit your business, charity, or organisational development needs.

If you are a business, charity or organisation looking for any of the above type of development programmes, we would like to hear from you.

If there is a subject matter or area not covered, then do get in touch. It may be an area on the horizon!

Our Awards and Accreditations

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