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Examples of Our Transformation Programmes and Projects


Women's Leadership Programme

“Over the course of three months, Samina delivered our women in Leadership programme at Saathi House. Throughout this time Samina displayed a strong dedication and a genuine commitment to helping women develop their skills. Samina consistently put in a lot of effort, going above and beyond to ensure that each participant received personalised guidance and support. Her deep understanding of leadership principles, coupled with her ability to connect with individuals, created an enriching and empowering learning environment. Samina has genuine care and investment in the growth of each participant. She approaches coaching with empathy and compassion and recognises the unique challenges that women face in leadership positions.”
Tiffany Joseph, Centre Manager
Saathi House
What value did Enigma add?
“The coach actually helped me to boost my confidence.”
“Was able to try a pilot session and this built my confidence and speaking skills.”
“I learnt new techniques to increase my confidence.”
“I'm speaking much more confidently in public.”
“Consolidated what I was working towards and definitely building confidence. Able to measure my journey and progress and gave me the opportunity for reflection.”
“Samina was great at coaching me through being more focussed and looking at the impact when I am juggling to many things. She has helped me to balance things out more.”
“Being more focussed.”
Attendee feedback

Young Leaders Community Leadership Programme

“Our students had an amazing opportunity to engage in a funded but brief leadership programme and we would like our students to have more of these opportunities and extra - curriculum activities that promote their wellbeing, develop their life skills, and help them grow in confidence.I would like the opportunity to thank Enigma for their support and Leadership Coaching sessions that were delivered to our students and hope that we can work on more projects in the future.We wish to develop a generation of well - rounded individuals, resilient young ladies that are not defined or constrained by their circumstances, ethnic background, social economic status, gender, or religion.”
School, Head Teacher
Young Leaders Community Leadership Programme (Cohort 2) – delivered on behalf of Saathi House

Informing Policy and Community Engagement Projects

Seldom Heard Conversations About Food

Enigma was commissioned by the local authority to deliver targeted Focus Groups engaging communities in food conversations.  As part of shaping the approach to creating a Healthy Food City in Birmingham the Public Health Division commissioned a series of targeted focus group conversations about food and nutrition with communities that are rarely heard.

The findings from these conversations influenced the development of the Healthy Food City strategy and action plan that will aim to shape a better food environment for citizens in Birmingham.

“Our ladies found the food and nutrition workshop extremely helpful and the fact that they engaged in the conversation was brilliant. We would be happy to join in other workshops which can be interesting and helpful for our group, thanking you.”
Bina Shah
Stich, and Sew Group
“Samina is a pleasure to work with. She recently delivered a research project at our facility and in that she was very informative and knowledgeable. Both staff and participants that took part in the project spoke very highly of her. It was a delight working with Samina and I look forward to utilising her expertise in future.”
Karzan Kawani, Operations Manager
Refugee and Recruitment Centre

Seldom Heard Conversations About Physical Activity

Enigma was commissioned by the local authority to deliver targeted Focus Groups engaging communities in conversations about Physical Activity.  As part of shaping the approach to creating an Active City in Birmingham especially exploring beliefs and attitudes to ways of making every day short trips to work and school, with communities that are rarely heard.

The findings from these conversations influenced the development of the Creating an Active City action plan that is aiming to shape a better environment for everyday physical activity for citizens of age and in every community in Birmingham.

Veteran Health & Wellbeing Conversations

Enigma was commissioned by the local authority to deliver targeted Focus Groups for the deep dive into the health and wellbeing of veterans in Birmingham, is part of a series of enhanced reviews forming part of Birmingham’s new approach to its Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA). Engagement and consultation are essential elements of the JSNA.  It is especially important to involve the population whose needs are being assessed in the JSNA deep dive. We can deliver more efficient and effective services and more person-centred care if we listen to what people are telling us. The findings from these focus groups were included in the deep dive and informed recommendations to Birmingham Health and Wellbeing Board.

Seldom Heard Conversations About Pregnancy

Enigma was commissioned by the local authority to deliver Focus Groups for the Seldom Heard Conversations about Pregnancy. The findings from these conversations helped to influence and informed the development of the Infant Mortality Strategy that is aiming to reduce infant deaths in Birmingham. 

Project Outcomes

Our Enigma approach was to work in collaboration with partners and provide a platform for communities to have a voice. Across the seldom heard voices engagement projects, Enigma successfully engaged around 109 citizens, between 2019-2022, amidst the covid pandemic. This included engaging individuals from Manufacturing businesses, Refugees and Asylum seekers, Health and Social Care Sector, Armed Forces Veterans, Charities, and local communities.

Fast Track Cities

Enigma was commissioned by Birmingham City Council as a Lead Provider for Fast-Track Cities+ Engagement and Needs Assessment of Blood-borne viruses and Tuberculosis. This commission was to support Birmingham’s Needs Assessment deep dive into the needs of these communities and support the Health and Social Care System, and wider partners to ensure effective, targeted, and necessary public health interventions are in place for BBV’s and TB and inform a city-wide action plan.


The purpose of this initiative was to ensure availability and access to effective testing and treatment to significantly reduce and therefore eradicate new cases of Blood Borne Viruses (BBVs); HIV, Hep B, Hep C and recently including Tuberculosis (TB).  The aim is to strengthen communities and ensure timely provision of services that support the population living with these conditions, without prejudice and stigma.

Project Outcomes

Enigma successfully commissioned seven third-sector engagement partners/sub-contractors and was responsible for managing a community engagement programme, engaging 358 citizens/service users, and thirty key providers, system partners/stakeholders.