Change Management Consultancy

Strategic Projects and Programmes

Delivering change and real improvements across a complex, fragmented ecosystem, like the Health and Social Care system, can be a challenge for many commissioners, their teams and partner organisations.

Transformational Change Projects and Programmes require delivery across teams, a multitude of partners, stakeholders to be fully on board, regional teams and organisations working in a matrix style across the system.

This has its own set of unique challenges, barriers, and risk; plans can become delayed, have poor patient outcomes and yield a slow return on investment.

Enigma offers Change Management Consultancy Services For the Management And Delivery Of Strategic Transformation Projects And Programmes For Large Cooperatives:

Enigma can not only deliver your Change Projects or Programmes but support you and your teams to effectively design and evaluate them. Enigma thrives on a fresh challenge and specialises in the management and implementation of complex large scale strategic transformational change, including procurement exercises and quality initiatives. Enigma has expertise and experience of complex clinical transformation, reconfiguration of services working across acute, community, primary care, the not-for-profit, and independent sectors.

Examples include: Outpatient Transformation, Frailty, Dermatology, Mental Health, Community Services Redesign, ADHD, Specialised Services, Planned and Unplanned Care; as well as initiatives aimed at Commissioning for Value, reducing clinical and non-clinical variation, avoidable A&E admissions from Care homes, Peer Review, and repatriation of elective activity.

Also, delivered on high-level, national policy and strategy implementation programmes, including high-profile procurement exercises. This includes NHS 111, Continuing Healthcare, RTT/Elective Care, roll out of Patient Choice in Orthopaedics/MSK conditions, Developing Choice pathways within the Private and independent sector, Making Every Contact Count, NHS Health Checks, Mental Health, Dementia and Carers Strategy implementation, GP Five Year Forward View, Primary Care Strategy implementation, new models of care and out of hospital integration.

Enigma solutions are tailored to meet the needs of your organisation and to help you address your Change Management, Complex Transformational Project or Programme Delivery needs and workforce development. Enigma will work in partnership with organisations to coordinate existing and new project and programme provision.

Enigma will provide independent evaluation support to assist you in measuring the effectiveness and impact of delivery of the Transformation Project, Programme or measure the social value impact of the change.

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Our Testimonials

What Our Client’s Say

Home Oxygen National Procurement Programme
“Samina Arshad from Enigma has undertaken work as a contractor for PCC since September 2018 where she worked to support us to provide support as a project manager to NHS England’s home oxygen program. She demonstrated excellent communication and people skills and worked effectively to deliver the support. She managed challenging issues with political sensitivity. She demonstrated that she is able to work on the detail whilst keeping an overall eye on the national picture as appropriate. I have found her a pleasure to work with. I see no reason why Samina would not be an asset to your organisation.”
Barbara Dingly, Director of Operations
Frailty Project Shropshire
“Samina Arshad from Enigma supported the Frailty Project with the aim to map the current state of frailty in Shropshire. She provided a very detailed report with an effective summary and a wonderful map that beautifully illustrated the current state. That map is in use all the time. Very successful, expect to say that she got to grips with the current situation and understood where each party fed into scenario. Very well, it paved the way for us to progress forward.”
Frailty Clinical Lead, Shropshire CCG
Leadership Support to West Hampshire
“Enigma provided interim support in the capacity of Associate Director of Commissioning to West Hampshire CCG. Samina has a very strong work ethic and is a values-based person with a great sense of passion and drive. She has been a great asset - supporting the delivery of the organisation and directorate key objectives.
She understands the differential needs of stakeholders – internal and external. Samina is a system leader, engaging, supporting, kind and considerate with teams and works well with others. Samina is a strategic thinker and considerate leader and manager.”
Director of Commissioning
West Hampshire CCG
What value did Enigma add to the team?
“Samina is a great team player and has supported the team in achieving its objectives through utilising skill mix of the individuals in the team.”
“Samina has built a trustworthy relationship with the team members and stakeholders across the local health and care system. You have had a positive impact whilst being with the CCG. The experience which you bring has helped lift people’s perspective and understanding of the models which we are trying to commission. You have given hands on strategic support to the teams and to individuals where in the past it may have been lacking. For me personally you have supported in being able to articulate the extended primary care team model and I feel much clearer in how to develop the specification.”
“You highlighted how we can continue to improve how we work to collaborate and bring together various pieces of work which have CCG wide impact.”
“Direction has been your greatest gift to the team and individuals. You know people have been challenging and not always had your clarity of vision, but you have always attempted to bring people with you rather than leave them behind. This has led to issues, but to build a team one needs to give the team permission to grow. You do that for everyone. You are kind, caring and a good teacher.”
“Samina, added value to the team and directorate in many ways, her positivity and can-do attitude, standing back and taking a population-based approach that uses full commissioning competencies, mapping products (e.g. care homes, out patients, Blueprint/direction of travel products e.g. outpatient spec, management of team, team building. It’s been a pleasure to work with you.
My feedback…many strengths:
o Rapid assimilation of key themes, local politics and people and your ability to share this was a great help to me.
o Determination and focus to achieve your primary tasks, whilst accommodating needs of colleagues and the team.
o Awareness of team dynamics and individual developmental needs and willingness to support others appropriately.
o Added governance, structure and focus to the directorate agenda. Ability to clarify and prioritise the ‘long list’.”
Home Oxygen National Procurement Programme
What value did Enigma add to the team?
“It was a pleasure working with Samina on the HOS programme, she brought her wealth of specialist knowledge and expertise to ensure the programme was successfully delivered effectively and efficiently. Samina was especially supportive in helping me to identify my strengths with the development of my SWOT analysis, which helped me to secure a more senior position within the organisation.”
Tiffany Robb, Project Manager
Primary Care Projects Wolverhampton
“Samina picked up a number of primary care related projects and grasped the requirements within a very short timeframe and worked collaboratively across the CCG to develop and roll out the projects. Samina required very minimal input or supervision and settled into the team well.
Projects encompass implementation of the primary care strategy, developing new models of care, looking at how back-office functions could be shared and governance arrangements.
Key deliverables included:
o Development of Clinical Reference Group
o GP Residential Care Homes Project
o GP Peer Review
o Developing business cases for new models of care
o Review of GP basket services and minor injuries services
o Setting up primary care strategy implementation task and finish groups & terms of reference.
Samina developed business cases, undertaken financial modelling, equality impact assessments, developed terms of reference and supported GP locality meetings.
Samina has delivered projects and task to key deadlines and has been instrumental in rolling out a number of projects which the CCG has been struggling to get off the ground. Samina work’s collaboratively across the organisation.”
Sharon Sidhu, Head of Strategy & Transformation
Wolverhampton CCG
Leadership Support to West Hampshire
“Enigma provided interim support in the capacity of Assistant Director of Commissioning to Bedfordshire CCG. To manage the planned Care and MH team and to deliver associated projects related to QIPP and service development.
Samina has a broad knowledge and was able to bring her knowledge into the role and influence strategic approach. Samina is reflective, she observes and supports, which enabled the team members to grow into their roles and aligned with the emerging culture of the CCG. I like her enabling leadership style.
I welcomed her commitment, she demonstrated tenacious qualities, particularly in delivering the Commissioning Intentions. She quickly got to grips with supporting the team and building on their systems and processes.”
Director of Commissioning
Bedfordshire CCG
What value did Enigma add to the team?
“Samina has integrated into the team from the beginning and through her experience and sound knowledge of NHS and challenges it is facing, Samina was able to lead on programmes and projects and deliver the required results.”
“Thank you for your support and enthusiasm we needed someone like you in our Team. I really enjoyed working with you. The time was very short, but I have learnt lots from you. Thank you for shaping the Cellulitis paper for me and also the support on the Nursing Home in Reach bid we have successfully won. Thank you for exposing me to stuff I have never been before. I am really going to miss that if you had stayed, I am sure I would have progressed further as you know how to push me to do things, in a nice way of course. I have realised I can actually do more than I thought I was capable of all I needed was exposure. I am very ambitious unfortunately I had started a new career due to migration, but I am sure I still have plenty of time to develop this career.”
“Samina bought lots of good ideas based on previous experience and models developed in other areas, very committed to get things done and put in a lot of effort, proactive and got people focussed. Getting the locality plan into a ‘plan’ and governance structure etc was an achievement.”