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DISC Profiling

The key to understanding yourself and people.

“In order to be understood, we must first seek to understand” - Steven Covey.

Enigma offers Personality Profiling, also referred to as Psychometric Testing or Psychological Profiling. It is often said that your ‘front line’ (people) has a massive impact on your ‘bottom line’ (results), therefore understanding how to manage, motivate and maximise the performance of your people is vital. There are different types of people and leaders, being aware of your personality style and knowing the styles of the people around you, can give you the insight you need to get the most out of your team as a leader.

Primary to this is to understand yourself so you can modify your preferred behaviour to more effectively help others to maximize their potential. In business it can be the difference between success and failure.

The DISC personality profiling is the key that makes the difference in unlocking the full potential of your people, your teams, and your business. It is a vehicle for measuring an individual’s personality in a situation. ‘People have a choice of how they behave’.

It is designed to discover information about a person’s temperament, communication style, decision-making methods, how a person solves problems, responds to challenges and general attitude. It is not a measure of how intelligent you are, your IQ level or ability but a measure of behaviour in the work environment.

Enigma transformational coaches are accredited DISC® practitioners that can offer this person led assessment tool to improve work productivity, teamwork, effective communication and reduce conflict.

Personality profiling helps to identify an individual’s traits and personality style. All personalities are a blend of the four core styles – Dominant, Influencing, Steady, Compliant.

The interesting fact is each of us has some (high and low) of each of these traits within our personality, and it is that unique combination which creates the DISC Personality Style.

• How a person solves problems, responds to tasks and challenges
• How a person is motivated
• How a person attempts to influence or persuade others
• How a person prefers to process information and the pace at which a person prefers to work
• How a person responds to change and what their preferred environment might be
• How a person responds to rules, regulations, and processes

Personality profiling is beneficial for understanding communication preferences and expectations. It helps clients to visualise their personality style and increase self-awareness. It is a critical self-awareness tool that provides individuals with a detailed analysis of their personal behavioural style, providing a valuable insight and practical guide to make appropriate behaviour modifications within any environment or personal interaction for success.

Having an understanding of the D.I.S.C. system, helps raise awareness, and provides individuals the knowledge to enable them to achieve an effective standard of inter-personal skills and personal success.

• Effective Recruitment and Employee Retention
• Personality Conflict Resolution
• Stress Identification, response, and Subsequent Management
• Constructive Feedback Mechanism (Non-confrontational)
• Career Planning and Personal Development
• Building stronger, more productive, and effective teams
• improving workplace dynamics and culture
• Leadership Development

• An accredited coach will issue you a profile to complete on-line or paper based
• Provide an individual personality profile report for you
• Give you feedback based on the profile
• Explain the process and next steps to work on the identified development areas (If interested)

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