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Personal Development, Confidence, Health and Resilience Coaching:

Creating Value for yourself can be challenging in a busy world, where individuals find themselves, having no time, little energy, stuck, or lost.

Sometimes we allow lack of motivation, procrastination, self-defeating beliefs and other’s perceptions of us and our abilities hold us back. There is more to us!

Is it time to value yourself and gift, sometime back to yourself, to take the steps to work on yourself, your plans and make the necessary changes to make life work for you.

Enigma unique transformational coaching programme focusses on your personal development needs, confidence, and resilience.

How will you know if you ready?

Do you want to find fulfilment in all areas of your life? Increase your choices? Create a healthy life alignment and balance? Change your career or progress in it? Or be the best version of you, and find inner success? Are you at a crossroads and ready for a change or ready to embrace a Life changing transition? Like a new Long-term condition, parenthood or transitioning into a senior position? Do you want to reduce the distance between yourself and your true self? Feel it is time to develop a new interpersonal skill, gain or improve your confidence, to increase your life and career choices, improve relationships, reduce stress, and unlock your full potential, inner success, and contentment?

What is Personal Development, Confidence, Health, and Resilience Coaching?

Some of the common misconceptions are that it is about telling people how to suck eggs – providing advice or how to go about living their lives and what to do. These are all individual perceptions and opinions!

What is it really about?

This type of coaching is transformational and delivered as an Accelerated Change Development Programme aimed at areas of personal growth and change, development, building confidence, and resilience. It is about creating value for yourself, developing your positivity, resilience, confidence to be empowered to make the change for a much happier, fulfilled and a better quality of balanced life. In the process to achieving your goal and aspirations.


Our accelerated personal development unique coaching programmes, creating value for yourself – can help you:

How are coaching sessions delivered?

Coaching sessions are delivered on a 1.1 basis, in person (face to face), by phone or on Skype. The content of the coaching programme and sessions is always kept confidential.

What you need to know about the Coaching programme?

Visualise the transformational coaching programme as your own tailor- made personal development programme bespoke to you.

People are not their behaviours, limiting and self-defeating beliefs can be transformed; confidence can be built again and raised; you can find enrichment in your relationships; fears are overcome for goals to be realised.

The process is non- judgemental, empathic, honest, straight forward, and transformational.

Whatever your circumstances, this unique transformational coaching programme can help you to realise your dreams at work, in your personal life and concerning matters at home.

Enigma can offer you a unique Transformational Coaching Programme, empowering you to find fulfilment and increase your choices!

At Enigma we are always ready to embrace the challenge to help you pave the way to fulfilment and success.

So, are you ready to embrace the challenge and get started on achieving your GOALS!

Enigma is here when you ready to take the leap. Let’s hop, hop together to unlock your unique potential!

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Our Testimonials

What Our Client’s Say

“Coaching helped me identify issues that have stood in my way and assisted me in developing skills to get around the issues. Helped me with a clear direction and the motivation to get there. I have received the support and thought process to get to where I want to be. As a result, I have been successful in achieving my goal, obtaining a promotion and my next role”
Career Coaching client.
“Samina helped me to focus on the practicalities of my business, as often you are so busy dreaming the big picture you can become unstuck with the small, simple details, which will affect the running of your everyday. Through her attentive listening she asked pertinent questions that allowed me to explore solutions to running and setting up my business”
Small Business Entrepreneur.
“Working with Samina has allowed me to refocus on my business and personnel life and think about what is important to me in these areas. This has opened a different type of thinking with the end goal always now firmly in my mind. The vision board is a great way of reminding oneself of the importance of getting the work /life balance right together with thinking about my values that are important to me. Samina has been an excellent coach throughout the process with a very professional attitude, I have always felt I was in good hands. Samina has really allowed me to develop my thinking through her questions and guidance and with every session being different this has also made the coaching very interesting and engaging. I would highly recommend Samina moving forward”
Small Business Client.
“Coaching with Samina, has been highly informative. Throughout the entirety of the sessions, I have found myself becoming more confident, as well as being more inquisitive in finding the right approach that works best for me. I have understood the necessary steps that I must take to build a successful and lasting business. The sessions have particularly been helpful in allowing me to express any worries or fears I might have that were interfering with or preventing me from taking any further action. My coach showed continuous support and was highly attentive to ensure I achieved the most from the sessions. She also had displayed a plethora of knowledge in different business areas, such as promoting a business, which was very assuring. Each session had helped me to not only set future goals for myself but allowed me to also envision those goals becoming a reality”
Small Business Client.
“Coaching has enabled me to build my self-confidence and maximise my 'leadership presence'. I have been able to further develop excellent 'emotional intelligence' - self-awareness, self-management, empathy and relationship-building. I have improved my interpersonal skills - including influencing, motivating, presenting, resolving conflict and delivering bad news. I am continuing to hone my networking and business development skills. I am better able to manage complex relationships - including managing upwards. I can delegate more effectively, manage my workload and handle stress, whilst trying to ensure a better work/life balance. Coaching has also helped me to refocus my career”
Leadership Development Client.