Our Value

The Value of Enigma Transformational Change Consultants and Coaches

Our approach to change is different; we offer a different change approach. Change can be stressful for those leading the change, their teams, stakeholders, and those impacted directly or indirectly.

Enigma works in collaboration with you to support and manage transformation projects and programmes. This means taking the stress off the shoulders of you and your team, allowing you to work differently, and making the change work for you, supporting you to engage more effectively, play a greater role by instilling confidence, and awareness, and take steps towards deepening and strengthening stakeholder and system workings. This will help you to reduce your employee sickness and absence, improve motivation, competence, and morale, boost team working at various levels and in return unlock productivity.

We support our clients to design, transform and deliver complex Projects and Programmes, Models of Care, and re-engineer systems of care through People. Working with Enigma gives you a unique perspective, experience, and insight into the change like a “breath of fresh air.”

Professional Consultants, Coaches and Trainers

Our breakthrough change solutions are designed to be flexible, engaging and evidence based.

They encompass national and international best practice, policy changes, behavioural and improvement science, contractual and compliance requirements, training frameworks-aligned to organisational directives.